15 Funfilled Corporate Away Day Ideas

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15 Funfilled Corporate Away Day Ideas .

Searching for corporate away day ideas to revive and unite your team? Our article cuts through the fluff, delivering concrete suggestions for memorable away days designed to boost team spirit and re-energise your workforce. From outdoor adventures to creative workshops and summer parties, uncover experiences that align with your company values and culture, poised to leave lasting impressions on your team.

Key Takeaways .

  • Corporate away days boost team morale, foster collaboration, and recharge employees through diverse activities like outdoor adventures, cooking classes, and escape rooms.
  • Tailoring away day activities to align with company culture and values can maximise job satisfaction and team bonding and contribute to organisational success.
  • Selecting the right venue, structuring the event effectively, and including kickoff activities, motivational speakers, and a memorable closure are essential for a successful corporate away day.

Elevating Team Spirit with Engaging Corporate Away Days .

Illustration of a team participating in outdoor team building activities

Corporate away days are more than just a fun-packed day away from the office environment. These strategic events serve to energise teams, breaking the monotony of daily routines and recharging employees to return to work with newfound enthusiasm. From sports days to escape rooms, team-building exercises are designed to foster better communication and collaboration, improve communication, and reinforce team morale.

Additionally, these activities stimulate innovative thinking, with creative workshops and leadership activities helping to identify potential team leaders. These unique team challenges provide a safe environment for open discussions, enhancing company culture and improving overall employee well-being.

1. Adventure Quests in the Great Outdoors .

Outdoor adventure activities such as paintballing, laser quests, and high ropes courses offer a huge amount of enjoyment and are engaging team-away day options. These activities significantly contribute to building stronger relationships and offering a memorable experience.

High ropes courses present a blend of physical and mental challenges conducive to successful team-building. Some benefits of high ropes courses for team-building include:

  • Encouraging collaboration
  • Developing effective communication skills
  • Fostering problem-solving abilities
  • Promoting teamwork and trust

Scavenger hunts are also particularly effective at fostering teamwork. They require participants to collaborate, communicate efficiently, and solve problems together while engaging in healthy competition.

2. Culinary Collaborations: Cooking Class Challenges .

Cooking classes are a creative way of fostering collaboration and improving communication among team members. These classes offer an environment that mimics the cooperative dynamics necessary in a workplace, enhancing the ability to work together effectively. Additionally, the social setting of a cooking class encourages camaraderie and serves as an opportunity for team members to bond over the creation of a delicious meal.

With a wide variety of cooking classes available, teams can choose a cuisine that suits their preferences, providing a fun and educational away day experience.

3. Creative Thinking in Escape Rooms .

Escape rooms offer a problem-solving experience in a fun and different environment, which is enjoyable for a high percentage of team members. These mental challenges are more suited for smaller teams, typically 20 members or less, making it an ideal team-building activity for small to medium-sized businesses.

Escape rooms offer:

  • Unique challenges
  • Creative thinking
  • Collaboration
  • Solving puzzles and riddles under time pressure
  • Exciting and immersive team challenges
  • Improvement of problem-solving skills
  • Improvement of team cohesion

Crafting Unforgettable Experiences with Unique Team Building Activities .

Illustration of a corporate team participating in Human Table Football

Beyond the traditional team-building exercises, corporate away days can consist of unique activities that bring out the fun factor. If you’re looking for team away day ideas, consider the following:

  • The Master of the Tasks challenge, based on the Taskmaster TV show, emphasises collaboration and problem-solving skills
  • Casino Night, for a thrilling and entertaining experience
  • Circus Skills Workshop, for a fun and interactive session

There are a plethora of diverse and entertaining options to consider. Dynamic activities like ‘It’s A Knock Out!’ events, featuring engaging competitions such as Human Table Football, Giant Inflatable Volleyball, and Sumo Relay, can add a fun twist to the day. Even motorsport challenges can be tailored to the participant’s preferences, offering an engaging team-building environment.

With 82% of workers desiring more frequent team-building events to enhance bonding and boost morale, these unforgettable experiences can have a positive impact on company culture.

4. Human Table Football and Inflatable Fun .

Human Table Football is a perfect choice for an activity that encourages competitive spirit while promoting team support. It’s an inflatable game that involves teams of up to 12 players who must work together to score goals. During the game, teams manipulate oversized, inflatable versions of traditional foosball tables to compete against each other.

The game is suitable for participants of all ages and abilities and can be organised as a fun and competitive team-building event. This unique, fun team challenge not only brings a huge amount of fun but also fosters relationship-building among a great team of members.

5. Quad Bike Expeditions for Thrill Seekers .

Illustration of a corporate team participating in Quad Bike Expeditions

For teams that have a taste for thrill and adventure, Quad Bike Expeditions are an excellent choice. These expeditions enhance trust and mutual support among colleagues through challenging activities. Quad bike activities often involve navigating a purpose-built obstacle course with features like limbo bars, balance beams, and seesaws that require skill and control. The varied off-road terrains during quad biking team-building activities present an exciting challenge to teams, making it an unforgettable experience.

From driving cars and quad bikes to archery and clay pigeon shooting, these Multi-Activity Days offer a wide range of activities that can meet the preferences of every team member.

6. West End Workshops: Unleash Hidden Talents .

West End Workshops offer a unique opportunity for teams to explore their creative sides. These workshops allow participants to learn the intricacies of musical theatre, including singing, dancing, and acting techniques used in London's West End productions. Physical storytelling sessions, improvisation theatre games, and imaginative puppetry are just a few examples of the diverse types of theatre workshops that teams can engage in.

By uncovering and fostering hidden talents, these workshops:

  • Encourage creativity
  • Enhance confidence
  • Promote sensitivity among team members
  • Ultimately, it contributes to stronger team dynamics

Tailoring Corporate Away Day Activities to Your Company Culture .

When planning corporate away day activities, aligning them with your company’s values and culture is crucial. This strategic alignment can enhance job satisfaction and contribute to overall organisational success. For instance, the completed artwork from ‘The Bigger Picture’ team-building day activity can act as a visual reinforcement of the company’s values, fostering a positive work culture.

It’s essential to gather post-event feedback to measure the effectiveness of corporate away days and make improvements for future events. Moreover, implementing the ideas and initiatives from the away day within the company is crucial for maintaining momentum and realising organisational growth.

7. Mindful Retreats for Well-being Focus .

Illustration of a team engaged in mindful retreat activities

Implementing mindfulness and wellness days in your corporate away day activities can significantly reduce stress, enhance mental clarity, and strengthen interpersonal and team bonds, all essential for improved communication within the team. Activities such as yoga or meditation sessions, mindfulness workshops, and talks by guest speakers are integral components of mindful retreats, fostering relaxation and rejuvenation among team members.

Unique activities like tea tastings combine elements of relaxation, mindfulness, and team bonding in a novel and enjoyable experience. Prioritising mental health by including activities that support both team building and individual well-being is becoming an essential aspect of corporate event planning.

8. Sports Activities for Healthy Competition .

Organising team-based sports activities like relay races, tug-of-war, and ball games can boost team spirit and encourage healthy competition among participants. Sports Day events typically feature classic team challenges such as the egg and spoon race, sack race, three-legged race, and relay races.

Additional activities like zorbing add an element of fun and engagement, allowing individuals to compete in rolling down hills or on water in large inflatable balls.

9. Problem-Solving with a Purpose: Social Impact Projects .

Social impact projects can serve as meaningful and fulfilling team-building exercises. An example is The Hand Project, where teams work together to build prosthetic hands for people in developing countries. Participation in such projects leaves the team feeling fulfilled and gratified, which reflects positively on their collective spirit and company culture.

Engaging all your employees in community service projects not only serves as a good team--building exercises but also reflects your company’s commitment to social responsibility.

Maximising Impact with Memorable Corporate Away Day Ideas London .

London offers a culturally rich environment for corporate away days, such as the James Bond 007 Treasure Hunt and a tech-driven Game of Zones. The Urban Innovation Centre in London boasts event spaces with full audio-visual packages and event management support, perfect for dynamic corporate away days ideas. London’s well-organised transportation system allows easy travel to various event locations, enhancing the corporate away day experience.

10. Cultural Treasures Hunt in London's Historic Heart .

Illustration of a team participating in a cultural treasures hunt in London

Historical treasure hunts in London allow corporate teams to:

  • Solve problems
  • Learn about the city’s past
  • Experience the iconic sights of London
  • Cement teamwork
  • Enrich their historical knowledge

Treasure hunts such as the London GPS Treasure Hunts create an interactive and challenging experience for corporate teams to explore London and score points as they compete.

The London Canal Quest is an adventure where teams navigate through the city’s canals, engaging with clues and overcoming challenges, fostering camaraderie. A unique example of an engaging team activity is ‘Spy School: In The Field’, which has teams navigate with GPS around landmarks like London Bridge, performing tasks and searching for clues.

11. Speedboat Adventures on the Thames .

High-speed boat rides along the Thames can transform a typical day out into an adrenaline-fueled adventure for corporate teams. Teams have the option to select from various speedboat experiences, ranging from quick, stimulating high-speed jaunts to more extensive excursions that cater to their preferences.

The Bond-themed speedboat experience offers teams an immersive entertainment option, complete with facts about the famous spy, themed music, and engaging quizzes.

12. Interactive Workshops at Renowned London Institutions .

London’s world-class institutions provide a variety of interactive workshops tailored to numerous industries, offering the opportunity to develop new skills relevant to your field. Theatrical makeup workshops at renowned institutions teach stage makeup techniques that can be applied to recreate looks from popular West End shows.

The London Science Museum offers interactive workshops that focus on collaboration and the application of science and technology in practical scenarios. Finance-focused workshops such as the ‘Stocks & Shares Experience’ simulate the stock market environment, educating participants on buying and selling stocks based on real-time fluctuations and news events.

Selecting the Perfect Venue for Your Corporate Away Day .

The success of a corporate away day is heavily influenced by the choice of venue. Here are some considerations for choosing a venue:

  • Type of activities
  • Seasonality affecting costs and availability
  • Size and needs of the group
  • Setting that inspires creativity and aligns with event objectives

These factors should facilitate planned activities and discussions during the away day.

Accessibility, such as convenient parking and location, taking into account attendee origins, are crucial for a venue to ensure inclusivity and minimise logistical challenges.

Countryside Escapes for Tranquil Team Building .

Countryside venues provide a tranquil environment, ideal for serene team-building exercises away from urban distractions. Historic estates like Wilderness Reserve in Suffolk offer teams the opportunity to engage in team-building activities within a scenic, natural landscape.

Having accommodation options nearby is critical for the convenience of attendees during multi-day corporate retreats.

Urban Innovation Spaces for Creative Minds .

Urban innovation spaces, such as modern co-working spaces or hubs, can provide an inspiring setting conducive to creativity and innovation during a corporate away day. These spaces often feature state-of-the-art facilities and a vibrant atmosphere that can stimulate creative thinking and foster collaboration among team members.

Luxurious Retreats for High-End Corporate Events .

Luxury retreats offer upscale amenities and a sense of exclusivity, suitable for high-end corporate events that aim to impress and indulge attendees. For high-end corporate events, venues like the Wilderness Reserve provide options for luxurious settings such as Georgian manor houses or restored barns.

Luxury retreats often include amenities such as board rooms, bedroom suites, and lounges, and they are styled with an eye for detail to create an indulgent atmosphere for corporate events.

Designing an Agenda for Success: Structuring Your Corporate Away Day .

Structuring a corporate away day with a variety of sessions, an effective facilitator, and memorable final events ensures success and a lasting positive impact on team morale. Selecting a team away day when the team is not burdened with urgent projects or deadlines ensures full engagement with the activities.

The list of attendees for the away day should be carefully curated to match the activity requirements and to ensure everyone’s engagement has a clear purpose. Effectively communicating the purpose, goals, and benefits of the away day to the entire team is essential for fostering a sense of excitement and understanding of why meeting off-site is valuable.

Identifying a central theme or focal point for the away day can inform the selection of activities and give the event a coherent structure. Ensuring that the chosen venue has appropriate acoustics is crucial for the auditory experience, especially important for any presentations or performances that might take place.

An effective facilitator is key to managing the away day by steering the group to meet objectives with clear thinking and solid participation. Structuring the day with various formats like presentations, discussions, and brainstorming maintains a dynamic and engaging pace.

Leaders should consider:

  • Not stepping back into their management roles during group activities to aid in camaraderie and relaxation
  • Employing an objective facilitator allows team leaders to engage fully in the event and benefit from the experience as participants
  • Offering prizes during team-building activities serves as an incentive to keep participants engaged and motivated throughout the day.

13. Energising Start: Kick-off Activities .

Kick-off activities like icebreakers can set a positive tone for the away day, helping to break the ice and ease group contribution. Additionally, planning to include a variety of sessions, such as presentations, Q&A segments, and brainstorming, can keep the agenda dynamic and engaging.

14. Midday Motivation: Keynote Speakers and Workshops .

Keynote speakers and workshops can provide midday motivation and professional development opportunities. These sessions can address topics relevant to your team or industry, offering insights and inspiration to your team members.

For example, professional development workshops that can be offered include leadership, time management, or remote work productivity.

15. Evening Entertainment: Celebratory Closure .

Ending the away day on a high note is crucial for leaving a lasting impression on your team. Evening entertainment, such as themed events or BBQs, can help to create a memorable experience that celebrates the day’s achievements. Themed evenings and mini-festivals contribute to a sustained high level of excitement, rounding off a day of corporate away day activities.

A summer BBQ can serve as a rewarding conclusion to the day, providing recognition for team achievements and performance. Ensuring the final event of the away day is memorable encourages a lasting impression that positively impacts team morale and the recollection of the day’s success.

Summary .

In conclusion, planning a successful corporate away day involves several key elements, including engaging in team-building activities, aligning activities with each other's company culture, selecting the right venue, and designing an effective agenda. Considering these factors can create an unforgettable away day that strengthens your team and contributes to overall organisational success. So why wait? Start planning your next corporate away day today and see the positive impact it can have on your team!

Frequently Asked Questions .

Corporate away days provide an opportunity to energise teams, break the routine of a typical work environment, and improve overall employee well-being by fostering better communication and stimulating innovative thinking. Consider planning one for your team!

Choose team-building activities that reflect your company's values, fostering a positive work culture. Implement the new ideas and initiatives from the activities within the company to maintain momentum.

In London, you can enjoy unique team-building activities like the James Bond 007 Treasure Hunt, speedboat adventures on the Thames, and interactive workshops at renowned institutions. These activities are sure to create lasting memories for your team.

When selecting a venue for a corporate away day, consider the type of activities, seasonality affecting costs and availability, group size and needs, setting that inspires creativity, and accessibility and location. This will help create a successful event that aligns with the objectives.


A corporate away day should be structured with a variety of sessions, an effective facilitator, and a memorable final event. Beginning with kick-off activities like icebreakers, followed by midday workshops and keynote speakers for motivation, and ending the day idea with evening entertainment to celebrate the day's achievements.