10 Unique Corporate Event Ideas To Boost Employee Engagement

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Employee engagement is crucial for the success of any organisation. Engaged employees are more productive, loyal, and committed to their work, which directly impacts the business. For that reason, we strive to come up with unique and exciting corporate event ideas to boost employee engagement and morale.

Corporate events break away from the normal work routine, providing the employees the chance to unwind, have fun and socialise with their peers. This in turn strengthens the sense of belonging within the organisation. Research shows that employees often feel undervalued in the workplace, and so to help you boost your team's morale, we've put together a selection of 10 unique and fun corporate event ideas that your colleagues will love.

Improving Employee Engagement .

Employee engagement is the level of dedication a worker or employee has to a business. Engaged employees are emotionally invested in the business: committing their time and energy to the company, adding value overall. Based on trust, integrity and communication, employee engagement is an approach that increases business success by giving employees a voice in the business journey and in turn, their commitment drives the business values.

Importance of Employee Engagement

Improving employee engagement is important to all businesses, big or small. For engaged employees, going to work is about more than just their salary; they’re dedicated to the business, the employer and the vision. When employees are engaged, they’re more likely to be invested in the work they’re doing, thus performing well in their role. This increases profitability and reduces employee turnover and staff absences.


How Corporate Events Can Increase Employee Engagement

Corporate Events are about having fun; they're a way to say thank you to your team members for all of their hard work and dedication. It shows them that you're invested in them as a team, and that you're dedicated to their wellbeing. Team building is one of the basic building blocks of company culture, and team building events strengthen and nurture this culture further.

Unique corporate events keep employees engaged with exciting and unusual activities that break the norm. Although there is a lot to be said for team dinners and traditional away days, choosing a something a little different will show your team that you've put in further time and effort into planning your event. Take a look below for 10 ideas for your next corporate event.

1. Escape Room .

Escape rooms offer your team an impressive and exciting departure from reality. The ultimate immersive problem-solving team activity to build on team morale and camaraderie. With a range of options including mobile escape rooms that come to you in a pop up structure, or escape rooms built into your hotel suite, there are plenty of escape room variations for your team.

The escape room will include a scenario for your team to investigate or work out how to free themselves from the room. The task will involve mutual trust and investigatory work, providing a fun and exciting way to spend a few hours with your employees.

2. Apprentice Challenge .

How about an enterprise style team building activity to increase your team's engagement? Testing skills and business acumen, teams go head to head to impress a 'boss' and get hired. The brief is to invent a new product and blow the competition away; this lighthearted and fun approach to team building will see your employees use innovation and creativity.

3. Drumming Workshop .

This fun and creative team building activity is inspired by team work and a love of music. Transform your team into an impressive drumming orchestra, with the group playing music together and blending African beats with Samba rhythms!

4. Art Masterpiece .

Release your inner artist in this team building activity. Highlighting the importance of team work, trust and creativity, you'll work on the 'bigger picture' together, creating one huge piece of art. Art is about freedom and fluidity, allowing your employees to not overthink and express themselves.

5. Magic Workshop .

Create a magical day with a workshop led by a professional magician. You and your team will be taught an array of carefully crafted magic tricks which, by the end of the session, everyone will be able to perform! This sparks creative thinking and problem solving, how to break the ice at meeting and delivering a powerful message.

6. Wine Tasting Event .

Wine tasting corporate events strike the balance between entertainment and education. Guests are transformed into budding wine experts with an informative wine tasting with a competitive edge! You can even upgrade your wine tasting to include quizzes and food options!

7. Chocolate Factory Challenge .

Indulge in a chocolate factory challenge where teams go head-to-head to invent a brand new box of chocolates. With a range of ingredients and decorations, teams will work together to come up with delicious flavour combinations. They must develop a brand and marketing strategy, working on innovative thinking, time management and budget control.

8. Terrarium Workshop .

In this relaxed and creative corporate team building workshop you and your employees can reconnect with nature, creating a self-contained living botanical environment. Completely unique, this workshop teaches you history of terrariums before trying your hand at planting your own.

9. Ice Cream Making .

Create a new flavour of ice cream with this fun team building activity! Your team can develop their brand and marketing strategy to sell their delicious new flavour, coming up with an innovative name and design. Teams have to stick to a limited time scale, with extra points available during quizzes and games!

10. Awards Ceremony .

An awards ceremony is another type of corporate event which is guaranteed to increase your team's engagement. Celebrate your team's successes with an immersive conference to remember; awards for stand-out employees, an update on the business and a delicious dinner to say thank you. Why not also entertain your employees with music, performances, or a photo booth?


Conclusion .

Employee engagement is beneficial to all businesses, influencing team members to invest their time and energy back into the business sparking business growth, increased profit and decreased staff turnover. Every business should pay close attention to employee engagement, not only for the business' success but for mental wellbeing of the team.

There are many different ways to ensure employee engagement, and one of those is through exciting and innovative corporate events to encourage enthusiasm about the business. Treating your employees to days out will show investment in the team, and there are a range of corporate event ideas to do this.

From wine-tasting events to full conferences, we've put together a fun list of events that will encourage your team to work together and enjoy their working environment. Are you wondering how to organise a corporate event? Let us help you, hit the button below to get in touch.