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Art Masterpiece

This teambuilding activity is a stroke of genius! As a team you must release your inner Picasso and paint a masterpiece of epic proportion.

Each team of 6-8 must complete a section of the masterpiece… while this might sound straightforward, teams will need to collect information, blue prints and paints to create their piece of art.

In addition to this, teams will also need to complete a series of mini trials involving logical quizzes, mind puzzles and mental and visual challenging.

This is a teambuilding event like no other; we bring the equipment, outfits and facilitators for you to recreate your own version of a famous music video!

The next step is to plan their video, allowing team members to work together and develop their teambuilding skills. We will then professionally edit the video before sending to you as an everlasting memento of fun-filled day.


1-2.5 hours

10-600 guests

From £1165 + VAT

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Up to 50 people: £3225 + VAT

51 – 100 people: £3975 + VAT

What’s included: Event staff, film crew, all AV equipment, video editing

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