Cocktail Workshop

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Cocktail Workshop

Mix it up with this fully interactive cocktail making team day out! Encouraging teams to battle it out behind a sophisticated mobile cocktail bar. With detailed instruction from an award winning mixologist, be prepared for some serious fun while you learn how to prepare some of the world’s favourite cocktails.


You’ll be taught basic techniques to becoming a world-class mixologist including alcohol knowledge, bottle juggling and front-bar skills. Then, nearing the end of the session, you’ll be asked to design your own cocktail! You’ll come up with a suitable name, incorporating all of the skills you’ve learned. For the grand finale, you’ll present your cocktail to the other team and trainers!


1-2.5 hours

10-300 guests

From £970 + VAT

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Prices from £970 + VAT

1-2.5 Hours

From 10-300 guests

Other Teambuilding Events