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Enigma Project

The Enigma Project comprises a series of short and interactive spy-related team-building challenges.
Available to run as either a 3 hour activity with 8 challenges or a 6 hour activity with 16 challenges, we’re able to host The Enigma Project anywhere in the UK. It’s suitable for groups of 100-500 guests.

There are 23 corporate activities for you to choose from, including cerebral code breaking challenges, safe-cracking, shooting challenges and more. These activities are designed to develop team communication, raise team spirit and support team diversity. Our expert facilitators will discuss how teams apply core teambuilding skills as part of a Mission Analysis at the end of each activity.

The group will be split into teams and will rotate around the selected activities to ensure variation. Throughout the day, there will be a friendly competition to win as many Spy Dollars as possible, as well as sneaky ways to get their hands on more Spy Dollars. The team with the most at the end of the day will be crowned as Champions, winning a trophy.

Our experienced event instructors will ensure you have a fun-filled time in a safe and controlled environment.

Enigma Project

1.5-3 hours

100-500 guests

From £6000 + VAT

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£795 + VAT set up fee plus:

10-19 people - £105 + VAT per person

20-29 people - £90 + VAT per person

30-39 people - £75 + VAT per person

40-49 people - £71 + VAT per person

50-99 people - £62 + VAT per person

100 plus people - £53 + VAT per person

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