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Lego Task

This teambuilding activity sees guests decide whether they would like to do a short film, documentary, music video, comedy sketch, promotional video or advertisement with their characters. From planning storyboards to assigning team roles, work begins behind the scenes to create a Lego Animation!

With access to a wide collection of scenery, characters and props, it’s time to set to work with tripods, lighting and microphones to film their work before moving onto post-production video editing with zoom, cuts and filters. A bank of sound effects will give teams plenty of choice for bringing their animation to life with a sound track!

The fun finale allows everyone to watch their animation back on a large screen with the winning team receiving their prizes in an awards ceremony. There are further prizes available for other categories such as ‘best set design’ and ‘best voice overs’.


2-4 hours

10-100 guests

From £890 + VAT plus
£49 + VAT per person

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£890 + VAT plus £49 + VAT per person

Duration – 2-4 hours

Numbers – 10-100

Other Teambuilding Events