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terrarium Workshop

Create your own self-sustaining garden with this unusual and unique teambuilding activity. A relaxed and creative workshop where you will re-connect with nature whilst learning about self-contained botanical environments. Your chosen plants and soils will see your ecosystem look after itself, creating a beautiful display for your home.

As part of the workshop you’ll learn about the history of terrariums before getting your hands dirty! You’ll be taught layering and planting techniques and choose the plants you’d like to include. Once built, you’ll go through techniques to keep your plants thriving!

Collaborating with colleagues is key in this calm and focussed session, and you’ll receive all tools, materials and equipment as well as information sheets to take your valuable lessons home!


From £1285 + VAT

1-2 hours

10-50 guests

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Cost - £895 + VAT plus £39 + VAT per person

Duration – 1-2 hours

Guests – 10-50

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