How Much Does A Wedding Planner Cost & Are They Worth It?

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How Much Does A Wedding Planner Cost & Are They Worth It?
So we've all seen the film...

It's a very important day in your life for many reasons and you undenyably want it to go well.

Now you would be right in thinking that the ending of said film isn't quite what you'd be hoping for... However, don't let that little minor detail put you off from looking into the benefits that a Wedding Planner can bring and how they can help with what will inevitably be a stressful time at some stage of the planning process.

Let's face it, like having your estate and assets taken care of by a will company, a wedding planner is a pretty big deal and can be worth their weight in gold.

Hiring a Wedding Planner in the UK can be deemed as a luxury and perceived as an unnecessary cost to an already sizeable budget.

Therefore, let us take you through the conclusive list of how Wedding Planners can help secure your sanity and the best outcome on your big day.

First thing's first, this is your day. Here are a few points that you need to consider before hiring a Wedding Planner...

  1.  A good relationship between yourself and the Wedding Planner. You need to be happy that he/she has your best interests at heart. You need to get on well. They need to be upbeat, friendly yet calming and you need to be able to be frank with one another.
  2. Prep before your consultation. It is important to be honest and ask them any questions that you are worried about. Best to get these out at the start. Bring questions regarding their technique, what the benefits are from booking them (good contacts, great reviews) Perhaps ask to speak to a recent bride they worked with?
  3. Decide on what level of Wedding Planning you need help with. Do you just need help on the day with timing's or do you need help with finding and securing the venue through to booking the Honeymoon. Most established Wedding Planners will have worked out the best levels of help and can take you through. Budget can also play a big part with a full Wedding Planning package understandably being more expensive than help on the day itself. Decide what are your strengths and weaknesses and what you feel would really benefit you both on the day, to ensure that you will be at your happiest and stress free.
  4. The Wedding Planners Contacts. Understandably every Wedding Planner will have their preferred suppliers. This is something you need to consider perhaps for getting a good price or reliability. However, you also need to consider that they may know them well enough that they benefit from directing their brides to such suppliers. You need to be happy that your Wedding planner is thinking for you only and not for their own benefit and they they are understanding that you have already got suppliers in mind. Test the water in your consultation to see their reaction and how they respond to your suggestions. If up beat and joyful you are on to a winner, if judging and opinionated, in my opinion stay well clear! Given this, it is important that your Wedding planner can still advise the pros and cons to ensure that you will not be disappointed on the day.
  5. Respect that some things are out of their control, yours and indeed the universe. If you can wake up on your wedding day thinking 'ok something might not go to plan today, but that's' ok', you will have created the right atmosphere for your day. We have found over the years of working in the industry that this attitude is the key to an ironically worded 'Perfect Day'.

Now that you have considered your reasons for hiring a Wedding Planner, here are some important points for you to better understand how and why hiring a Wedding Planner is really worth the cost.

Taking away the stress

Wedding Planning is more often than not a big task. Don't be fooled by friends and family members making out that it is or was all pretty straight forward or easy. Unless you're walking into a registry office and then heading home, you will have quite a few difficult choices to make very far in advance.

The initial engagement is a wonderful and happy time, but over months of planning this can sometimes end up feeling like a full time job. Brides have reported to us wishing the day would just come and go already or that the stress would cause tension between family members and the couple themselves. In our experience we believe that with the right help and assistance, even if only on a relatively small scale this stress and worry can be easily managed. Wedding Planners have experience, knowledge, tips and tricks and will provide the stability you need to most importantly enjoy the whole process.

Vendors and Services

Most people will not have had experience with sourcing, booking and managing multiple vendors for the same day with specific timings on a big scale.

Therefore, Google and Pinterest will be your initial inspiration go-to in terms of getting ahead on what 'wedding venue feel' you are after - be it a rustic barn wedding, Winter wedding or themed wedding. Nowadays there are many more options for venues and it can be quite overwhelming and take up a lot of time researching and visiting them. A good Wedding Planner will be able to provide you with an already researched and extensive list of venues with feedback and notes on each. This list should also include a wide variety of venue types in order to provide a relevant list to their clients. With each venue comes a different degree of planning, so a Wedding Planner will be able to advise tips and tricks for different set ups. For example some rustic venues have only one wedding per weekend which takes away the stress of setting up and taking down for vendors and allows more of a relaxed day. Some venues have a wedding the day before and after and can be very restricting on timings and can feel a little rushed. A Wedding Planner can help with advise on ways round limitations and offer advise on how best to organise the vendors on the day.

If you would like to know an events companies tips, tricks and inside knowledge for free! Talk to one of our experienced team directly, without the cost of hiring a Wedding Planner. We believe in frank and honest discussions when it comes to planning a Wedding. We have experience in small and large scale Wedding Production from £300 to £100k, touring, festival production, corporate events and overseas events. We are more than happy to share our knowledge and experience with our clients, to ensure that we provide the best possible service.

Problems can be avoided

Although some issues can be totally out of anyones control, there are some problems both in the lead up and on the day that could be been avoided with the help of a Wedding Planner (There's always one!) Your maid of Honour and Best Man will essentially take on the role of events planners and should in our minds take over the role of managing guests, any issues and timing's. However, a Wedding Planner can take away part or all of this pressure.

A Wedding Planner can also provide a calm and sober assistance in a 'crisis' and provide a suitable solution.

A Wedding Planner worries so you don't have to.

Budget and Details

So. Many. Details.

A Wedding can be seen as two things. Most notably as one of the most important days of your lives and also one of the most stressful. Wedding's are notoriously planned to the smallest detail and rightly so, because the majority of people do not have experience in planning a huge event with a large budget. Brides can plan their wedding to the smallest of details in order to avoid any issues. However, if those detailed plans are not realistic or achievable the Bride will be left disappointed. A word you would hope to never use on your Wedding day.

A Wedding Planner has realistic knowledge, a key factor in why we believe they are worth the additional cost in hiring them. A Wedding Planner will want you to be happy, this is their goal and why they do what they do. A Wedding Planner will take into account all your specifications and will be able to advise on any areas where guidance would be needed in order to ensure that they run smoothly. For example, you don't want the band to be doing their sound check during the middle of speeches.

In our opinion A Wedding Planners knowledge and guidance is a worthy addition to any wedding. Come the big day you will be safe in the knowledge that all aspects have been considered.

Inside Knowledge

A Wedding Planner has learnt through both what to do and what not to do. They already have a huge amount of experience from seeing a Wedding go from planning to reality. Any hiccups on the day or improvements have been taken down and you can benefit from having this inside directly relevant knowledge.

A Wedding Planner also has tips and tricks to get the most out of your budget and a good Wedding Planner will be able to save you money and suggest a list of suppliers whom they trust with and more importantly without direct connections.


Wedding timing's have to be considered and planned effectively and as we touched on above realistically. There is not point in planning a timings schedule for it to fall short at the start.

A Wedding Planner will be able to give yo guidance and honesty on timing's that you can then use to help you plan your day. The truth is that Wedding's don't always run to schedule... if they did perhaps they would be too regimented! However, it is important to have timing's confirmed with all your wedding party, services and venue. It is also important to have timing's that will benefit your event. You don't want to speeches to finish and they guests have to wait 2 hours before the evening starts.

A Wedding Planner will be able to talk you through time and how on the day you won't want to be worrying about when services are turning up and if your guests are being looked after. A Wedding Planner will help you with any gaps in the day would benefit from services should be moved forward or an additional service/entertainment be introduced to help the day run smoothy. For example after the Speeches many Brides opt for a service for their guests to enjoy, such as a Photo booth. This brings everyone of all ages together to talk about, participate and to enjoy. This helps time pass between the turnaround time but also adds another element to your evening.


We hope this has helped you in your decision to hire a Wedding Planner for your big day. In our experience the peace of mind, inside knowledge and guidance you get greatly out ways the cost.

However, for free guidance and peace of mind for your evening entertainment, look to work with a professional and established events company that will be able to take this pressure off your hands and manage your evening entertainment and services.

If you would like to get in contact with us directly to look at planning your Wedding Entertainment and Production Services - feel free to get in contact directly here.

Thank you

The Virtual Events Team