How to Get Your Wedding Party Started!

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Evening Entertainment Tips .

A brilliant evening reception is at the top of everyone’s list of wedding priorities! Brides and Grooms want to create a party atmosphere from the moment they finish the wedding breakfast, to the final goodnight. With advice from our wedding DJs, saxophonists, wedding bands and soloists, we’ve put together tips and tricks on how to get your wedding party started.

Wedding Party Playlist .

Knowing which tunes will ignite the disco fire in your guests bellies is part of our musicians’ expertise. Anthems from your teen years, chart classics and your guests' favourite dance tracks will help create the party vibe. Our musicians know what to play, and they’ve noted some of their favourites below:

  • So many songs can have that effect. But I’ll put Superstition by Stevie Wonder as a 100% floor puller! Sion - Guitarist
  • I’m Coming Out by Diana Ross is great, but also Never Too Much by Luther works well as it gets straight into the beat. Alex - Saxophonist
  • Earth Wind & Fire - September, or any ABBA song! Alistair - DJ
  • This Girl - Kungs Vs. Cooking on 3 Burners gets people flocking to the dancefloor! - Nacho, Saxophonist

Keep Your Guests Near The Dance Floor

Alex, an incredible Saxophonist in our team of musicians, suggests keeping your guests near the dance floor to ensure the party keeps going. “Make sure the bar is near the dancefloor. This stops some of the more shy dancers hiding away from the music!” Energy is contagious, so even your more timid guests will catch the dance fever when they are kept close to the dancefloor and entertainment.

Another way to keep your guests near the dance floor is providing additional entertainment close by, so everything is in the same space! Popping our Retro Selfie Pod close by for guests to capture memories with our wide range of props will mean guests won’t wander off to other areas of your venue.


The Perfect Setting for Partying .

Sion is a soloist armed with a loop pedal and guitar: the ultimate one-man-band. He says “Creating the right vibe with music and lighting” is key to getting the party started. “No one wants to be dancing under bright white lights!”

We think a stage is also key to providing the perfect setting for your evening entertainment. Even if you have only a soloist or a duo, providing a platform will completely elevate the viewing experience. Our vintage spot lights take your party to the next level, and neon signs bring the disco feel.

Don't Mix Food & Music! .

Nacho, our party-starting Saxophonist says 'Avoid mixing food with dancing (I've seen it happen!). If they can choose, people will always choose food.' If you're planning to have evening snacks, have a break in entertainment. Have your wedding DJ choose some more toned down music, before ramping it back up again after the break!

Circulated food works best in our opinion - once it's finished, it's back to party time. Having grazing food throughout the evening will encourage guests to keep leaving the dance floor. Hand-held easy to eat snacks such as hot dogs, fish and chip cones and sliders will mean your guests don't take a seat and get comfy - so they'll be ready for round 2 of dancing as soon as that last mouthful is finished. Wild Fork West have a blog brimming with evening snack inspiration!


Wedding Party Hire .

Ready to create the ultimate evening reception with us? Get in touch below to hear about how we can help you. From sourcing brilliant wedding bands, singers and musicians to creating lighting packages that bring your venue to life, we have the expertise and experience to promise you the evening you have dreamed of.