How To Make Corporate Events Fun

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How To Make Corporate Events Fun

When you think about the events that you have attended over the years, which ones stick in your mind? The fun ones, right? If an event is fun, it makes a lasting impression.

When we tend to think about corporate events though, the words “dull” and “boring” often come to mind.  Just because an event is of a business nature, it does not mean that it cannot be fun and exciting.

Even the most serious events need to have a bit of personality. With that being said, in this article, we will give you some quick and simple ideas on how to make corporate events fun.

How To Make Corporate Events Fun

Adult Play Areas

The common misconception is that making corporate events interesting and fun detracts from the gravitas of the event or would only appeal to a younger demographic.  However, adults like to have fun too, right?

We all want to be a big kid sometimes, so why not give your attendees the ability to do so?

There are so many ways you can go about this, from inflatable obstacle courses to adult soft play. This is a great way to let loose and it works particularly well for team building events.

Remember to check out our article on team building event ideas for other team-related activities.

Silent Auction

Silent auctions have become popular at corporate events all over the UK. They present a great way to create excitement while also raising money for charity at the same time.

Prizes can include sponsored products, as well as brand trips and experiences. For more information on silent auctions, check out this article by Leslie Bloom: How Does A Silent Auction Work.

Photo Booths

Corporate Photo Booths are a great way to create a world of fun for your attendees and there are so many options available.  We have even written a separate guide on just this subject: Photo Booth Ideas For Corporate Events.

You can offer props that are in keeping with your event theme or brand or even make your own photo booth props.

How about adding an additional sponsorship idea by creating print-outs for attendees to take home as souvenirs.  Here at Virtual Events, we will 100% customise a print background specifically for your company.

And, if the traditional photo booth does not excite you enough, take a look at our Corporate Magic Mirror range.

Wellbeing Attractions

There is more attention being placed on wellbeing and mindfulness than ever before, and this is something that you can easily incorporate into your event by having wellbeing stations and attractions.

There are many ways to go about this, from getting attendees to learn a dance routine to adding a mini beginner yoga session.

You could have services like chiropractor stalls and massage stations, as well as health-conscious catering options. Of course, the suitability of this depends on the type of event you are hosting.

Signature Drinks

Having a signature drink is a creative, yet low-cost sponsorship idea. It is a good way to have a bit of fun, as you can create a cheeky name and you can even create a drink in the colour of your brand.


Finally, a theme is not just about the way that the decor looks at the venue. There are many ways you can incorporate a theme, from the food being served to the activities offered.

You can also incorporate competitions, as well as getting attendees to dress in a certain way, even if it is a specific colour or type of clothing, like ugly jumpers.

Hire An Event Management Company To Help

Here at Virtual Events, we specialise in corporate parties. We have an outstanding reputation for creating events that brand your business well, while also being fun and memorable.

Whether you are attempting to show your business as an industry leader, keep your employees happy, or secure a new client, we can help you to achieve it.

There are many different ways that you can make your corporate event fun, but you need to ensure you choose something that is appropriate for the nature of the event. This is where we come in.

Give our friendly team a call today on 0118 327 3910 to find out more on how we can help you.