How To Make Your Wedding Unique

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How To Make Your Wedding Unique

Who wouldn’t want their big day to stand out? Weddings are made to be remembered and if you’re not focusing on how to make yours unique, then you risk it being a forgettable day and that’s the last thing you want to happen. So, in order to help you plan your special day to truly suit you, here are some unique ideas on how to make your wedding unique.

DIY Flower Bouquets

Getting your wedding guests to interact with your big day is a fantastic way to get people talking and increase the amount of engagement which makes for a fun and memorable event.

A DIY flower bouquet station is a perfect way for guests to get creative and talk about their creations. They can create some beautiful bouquets that can be displayed around your wedding venue and with lots of colourful choices to pick from and potential help from a florist that you’ve hired, there’s a lot of fun to be had with this type of activity. It will certainly help to set your wedding apart while also being a memorable experience.

Unique Guest Books

Whether you ask your guests to sign them at the beginning or end of the wedding event, a guest book is a brilliant way to keep all of your memories and allow your guests to be expressive and quirky when giving you a message.

One of the best ways to add a little personality to a guest book is to give your guests an array of different coloured pens and pencils. An instant polaroid camera is also a brilliant idea because your guests can take little photos and attach them to their messages.

Getting a high-quality guest book is a good idea so that you can keep it for a long time and save it as a memorable wedding item. You could also have two different guest books; one for the beginning of the event for greetings and one at the end for farewell messages.

Reception Ushers

If you want to make each and every one of your guests feel like royalty then ushers are a brilliant way to add style and class to your big event. Having ushers escort each guest to their seats during your ceremony and the big meal is a fantastic way to make it a memorable and interesting experience.

You can either hire a few professional ushers to help you, you can ask for volunteers such the best men, or alternatively, you can ask if your waiting staff are willing to perform a double-duty.

VIP Welcome Bags

To help make your guests feel even more welcome, don’t forget to include welcome bags for a sophisticated and memorable greeting.

Inside each bag, you can include snacks, personalised messages or even just a welcome note and a card to commemorate the event. These bags can be handed out to each guest as they enter the premises, or they can be given to each guest at their table when it’s time for your meal.

You can also distribute handy little extras in your welcome bags such as small packets of confetti for later, facial wipes or even a small leaflet that explains the activities throughout the day and what time they’ll take place.

Magic Mirrors

Photobooths at weddings have become extremely popular over recent years and it isn’t hard to see why. They offer an element of fun and personalisation to your event, not forgetting that guests can also take home their photos to remind them of your special day.

However, if you want to up your photobooth game to be a little different, why not consider a Wedding Magic Mirror or Wedding Beauty Mirror. These mirrors will offer a more aesthetic alternative to photobooths, taking up less floor space and blending in well with luxury wedding venues and décor.

Activities For Children

There are likely going to be children attending your wedding so make sure you set up some child-friendly activities so they can stay occupied throughout the night.

If there are much younger children and you plan for the wedding to go on for quite some time, then it can be worth setting up a small room where they can rest and enjoy some soothing activities such as reading a book or taking a nap.

Colouring activities are also very popular and a small video game room can be a great way to keep children occupied.

End Of Night Refreshments

Your wedding is likely going to be a long event which means that having something for your guests to take home is a great way for them to refresh themselves. This could include some hangover cures such as aspirin, water and salty snacks or even some cleansing wipes and moisturiser for their face.

These little end-of-night kits can simply be left by the reception desk for your guests to take home, but if you do have quite a large number of guests then it’s worth occasionally refilling the stock to ensure everyone can take home something.

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