Photo Booth Ideas For Corporate Events

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Photo Booth Ideas For Corporate Events

Corporate events don't have to be boring black tie dinners. There are so many ways to make things more fun, whether you're hosting a family event for your employees or an industry awards show.

If you want to host an event that all your guests will be talking about, you should think of some things that will entertain them through the whole day or night (or sometimes even both).

A photo booth is always an excellent addition to any event, and you can use them in lots of ways. By exploring different themes, technologies and techniques, you can create an unforgettable corporate event.

When A Photo Booth Makes Sense

There are many corporate events where a photo booth is a perfect addition. It might not work for every event, but there are few when it wouldn't be a great choice to liven up the party.

A photo booth helps to keep people engaged, gives them something fun to do and creates memories of the event. You can share the photos on social media and other places, and even add your own branding to them.

Whenever you want to create a memorable experience at a corporate event, for employees and their families, for others in the industry or perhaps for clients, a photo booth makes perfect sense.

Pick A Theme

A theme for your photo booth is a great idea, especially if it goes along with the theme for your event. You can have lots of fun customising your photo booth experience or you can even ask your guests to dress up for some events.

Maybe your theme could even suggest a pose or expression that everyone can do when they're taking photos or it could be a way that you create a custom backdrop or a custom frame for all of your photo prints.

The theme that you pick might be related to your business, but it doesn't have to be. It could be anything that you think might be fun.

Play With Props

Props are fantastic for making a photo booth experience more exciting. Instead of taking straightforward photos, everyone can have plenty of fun with props to create silly and fun photos that everyone will love. You can choose props that reflect the theme of your event or the suggested theme for your photo booth fun.

At Virtual Events, we have hundreds of props so you have endless possibilities for dressing up and creating wacky scenes. Make use of wigs, glasses, signs, masks and lots more for endless combinations of props.

Everyone loves to get dressed up and having a selection of props will encourage your guests to spend more time in the booth. If you fancy having a go of making your own props, check out our article on how to make your own photo booth props.

Branded Print Backgrounds

Customising your photo booth experience as much as possible makes it even more fun for everyone and enhances your event. Another way to add something customised to your photo booth is to have your own background designed just for your event.

Virtual Events can design a custom print background for your event so that you can make all of your images unique. It's a good way to add extra branding to your event or perhaps just expand on the theme that you have chosen. Your photos will look just as good as the photo booth itself when you have a personalised background for all of them.

Personalised Prints

There are also ways for your guests to digitally personalise their photos. There's a lot of potential for this with our Beauty Mirror and Magic Mirror photo booths.

The beauty mirror lets your guests draw and print on the screen so they can add to and customise their photos to their heart's content.

The magic mirror lets you do the same, with different frames to choose from and the opportunity to draw using the touch screen mirror.

There's so much fun to be had by all with the option to personalise photos, and your guests will get to print them immediately and take them home.

Enable Large Group Shots

Think of a traditional photo booth and how many people you would be able to get inside. You might be able to fit two or three people into a standard booth, but it will be a tight squeeze.

When you use a more modern photo booth from an events company like Virtual Events, you get much more space to create fun scenarios. The traditional party booth is suitable for smaller groups, but the beauty mirror and magic mirror have enough space for larger groups of as many as ten or sometimes even more people.

This is fantastic for corporate events because you can get different departments and teams together, or allow people to take photos with their families and friends.

Photo Collages

Putting several images together to create collages is a great way to make your photo booth more fun too. When you choose the right photo booth experience, you can allow your guests to put their photos into a collage.

Our Beauty Mirror and Magic Mirror photo booths can make a collage from three images and even leave a space in the middle for more content. Using this space, your guests can draw something or write a personal message. You could ask them all to write something in particular that relates to your event.

Create An Event Album

When you hire a booth from Virtual Events, all of your photos will be uploaded onto our server within 48 hours after your event. You can browse through them and download either individual images or the whole album at once. The album can be left open to all or password protected so that only some people have access.

Another great feature is to have the photos displayed on a large screen as people exit the booth while they wait for their photos to be printed.

A photo booth makes any corporate event more fun. Get creative and keep your guests energised by offering a unique photo booth experience that has a variety of fun features.

For more information on our photo booth services and how we can help you create the perfect corporate event, give our team a call today on 0118 327 3910.