15 Questions A DJ Should Ask The Bride And Groom

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Your wedding and reception preparations can take a lot of planning. They can also put any bride and groom under a lot of pressure to make sure everything’s just right. So when you come to plan your reception entertainment, your prospective DJ for the night ought to be asking you the inquiring questions a DJ should ask the bride and groom to make your life easier, and make it a night to remember.

Questions a DJ should ask the Bride and Groom

Any experienced event DJ should ask these questions to a bride and groom as a matter of course. But if they’re not asking them, they might not be the right fit for your special event. So to make sure all bases are covered, here are 15 questions a DJ should ask the bride and groom in the early stages of their booking:

1) How did you meet?

Your DJ should be asking to meet both of you, ask questions about you, and get to know you before you even begin to discuss your reception requirements. In return, getting to know, and actually liking, your DJ will make your event go a lot smoother, so make sure you’re comfortable with them.

2) What are the names of the family bridal parties?

Equally as important as knowing you, is knowing the names and pronunciations of the bridal party and key family members. Your DJ should confidently be called on to prepare your guests if they’re making a toast or being announced during the event. A personable DJ can build a rapport that makes all the difference.

3) Where is your chosen venue?

Your DJ may not be familiar with your reception venue and if it’s a bit further afield, then travel costs or even overnight accommodation might need to be added to your quote. However, a seasoned pro DJ might have worked in your venue before at similar events, so they’ll already have contacts and a lot of background info to help your event go smoothly.

4) Would you like us to visit the venue beforehand?

It’s always worth your DJ making a visit to the venue, even if they have worked there on previous events. Having them contact the venue directly to meet the venue team means they can familiarise themselves with the layout and facilities. They may even have technical questions they need answering themselves.

5) What do you expect from your event?

While you might have a definite plan of how you want your event to go, your DJ might have other ideas. By asking this, your DJ or their company can make sure your DJ is perfectly suited to deliver exactly what you want on the night.

6) Who are your guests?

Your DJ won’t need a list of guests names of course. But giving them general information on how many people will be in attendance, whether they’re family, friends or a mix of both, and their age range will help your DJ adapt your event music and entertainment accordingly.

7) What entertainment will your guests like?

Your guests might like an evening of loud, banging tunes with lavish lighting and visual effects if they’re a younger age group. However, older guests might not appreciate that, preferring less intense and more standard entertainment. Getting it right means everyone leaves happy.

8) Would you like additional entertainment?

Some DJs may offer additional entertainment beyond standard lights and sounds. This could range from visual effects, LED letters, photo booths, uplighting or even wedding dance floor hire to suit your individual reception. It might be an additional cost, but it could make a spectacular difference!

9) How much involvement would you like from your DJ?

No one wants a mute DJ on the night, but you do need one who will suit your own event. Whether you want a low-key, respectful emcee-style, or an over the top superstar DJ, your DJ company should be able to adapt their style to you or provide a DJ with relevant experience.

10) What about your musical tastes?

If your DJ doesn’t ask about this, you could end up with an evening of music that no one likes or dances to - and no one wants that! If you have a definite playlist or even a partial one, make sure you give it to them. That way, the majority of the music on the night will be of your own choosing. But always be open to any suggestions from the pro.

11) What if no one’s dancing?

Though you might love the music you’ve chosen, your tastes might not suit everyone else's. Let your DJ know that if the dance floor’s empty, they can change the music to get your guests up and dancing. While a DJ should never ignore your playlist, give them the permission to mix it up if they need to.

12) Is there anything we need to be aware of?

This question could encompass any kind of situation. There could be the possibility of drunk guests trying to grab the microphone, or queues of people constantly asking for requests that are not on your playlist. Don’t be offended if your DJ asks you this, and let them know their responsibilities and what’s acceptable.

13) Is there anything you’d like to ask that we haven’t already covered?

Though it’s good that you’re answering lots of questions a DJ should ask the bride and groom, it shouldn’t be treated like a one-sided checklist they’re going through. It’s equally as important that you’re given the opportunity to ask them anything else that might not already have been covered - especially about them and their background.

14) How did you find out about us?

Any DJ and their business should always want to know how you found out about them. Whether it was a referral, a google search, social media or an advert, your answer can tell them that a particular marketing campaign is working.

15) How did you rate our website?

If your DJ has a website - and the chances are they have and you’ve checked it out - then they’ll want to know what made you decide to contact them. Was it a particular service or review that persuaded you? Or did their Website give you the confidence you needed? Feedback is crucial to give a better service.

As you can see, there are plenty of questions a DJ should ask the bride and groom before the big event. And though this list isn’t exhaustive, if your chosen DJ asks even half of these questions, then it should be one less thing to worry about, making your event go all the more smoothly.

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