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Our Top 7 Team Building Event Ideas

No hard-working employee in this day in age wants to report to an office with zero chemistry or comradery.

They want to find a workforce where they look forward to coming into work every day and work alongside some of their favourite people.

How can you get your office to that point? Three words: team building events.

In fact, not only are they great for boosting morale, they are extremely fun to plan and partake in.

Here are several team-building event ideas that you can use for you and your employees. Consider the best ways to break the ice for your staff by doing something they'll all love.

1. Sporting Events

What's better than taking everyone out to cheer the hometown team on to victory? Sporting events are always a safe choice with your team-building events.

Almost everyone in your office will at least have some interest in taking in a game and enjoying the experience that comes with it.

Even if they wouldn't consider themselves "sports fans", they'll still have a blast with the exciting atmosphere that comes along with it.

Better yet, plan to take them out to lunch somewhere near the stadium before the game to get them especially excited leading up to game time.

2. Field Day

Do you want to take advantage of the competitive nature of your staff? Do you wish that more people would get the chance to mingle with others outside of their department?

If so, then scheduling your own field day company-wide can be a tremendous idea.

You can put together several activities such as relay race, volleyball tournament, a potato sack race, etc.

This day is sure to include a lot of laughs and memories that will help your employees with name association and building friendships outside the office.

3. Corporate Party

You can never go wrong with a good old-fashioned corporate party! They're a great way to push your employees outside the office element and be able to unwind.

Whether it's a Christmas party, end of the fiscal year party, or your company's version of the Dundie awards, your staff will love it!

However, avoid the mistake of throwing the same old party each year. Try to spice things up with a new theme.

You can choose something like a speakeasy party, gangster party, movie party, rock band party, or any other theme that your employees will get in the spirit of.

4. Go Kart Racing

Who doesn't enjoy taking a trip back to childhood by taking the entire staff to a go-kart racing course?

You can bring your own spread, have it catered, or even see if the go-kart company has a kitchen you can order from.

Many will get a kick out of seeing the owner of the company taking the wheel and racing his or her staff.

Even if some of your workers decide not to race, they'll still love watching to see who wins every race. This is also a great time to do things such as raffles and company awards to end the day.

5. Frequent Company Lunches

Maybe you're not the type of person that only wants to reward your employees with big events.

Perhaps you want to find a few ways of rewarding them in-between the big team-building events as well.

If so, then taking out the staff to lunch will always be a great morale-boosting activity. It allows you to escape the walls of the office and partake in casual conversation off the clock. That's were chemistry builds the most.

If you have a relatively small staff then you can try to take them all out. If your staff is much bigger, then try to schedule times to take them out department by department.

Not only will they feel more connected to each other, but they'll feel more connected to you. Both are important for helping your employees feel important and successful.

6. Video Game Tournament

Some of you out there have an insanely-young staff. You're all around the same age range where you grew up on game systems such as Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, or the original Sony Playstation.

Maybe you overhear constant conversations among your staff about their obsession with the new NHL20 game or the upcoming Madden 21.

Whatever the case might be, you can take advantage of scheduling a video game tournament.

Be sure to have plenty of food and other activities for those that aren't interested in playing so you can keep everyone engaged.

7. Give Back to Your Community

Looking for a way to build your company's brand while also providing an uptick to your staff's chemistry? If so, setting a community day can be a great event.

Your entire staff will look forward to getting out of the office and getting involved in something bigger than themselves.

It makes for plenty of great photo ops and helps everyone (even yourself) to remember how blessed you all are.

Get involved in a cause that you care about or reach out to a local nonprofit to brainstorm different ideas of what you can do for an activity.

These Team Building Event Ideas Are Only the Beginning!

Now that you've seen a few different team building event ideas, it's time to get a few of them on your company's schedule.

Be sure to read this article if you're looking for different pointers on how to organise a corporate event.

For more inquiries, please feel free to reach out via our contact us page and we'll be happy to assist you further.

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