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The PDS series is designed to meet today’s requirements for a high-quality, easy-to-use and fast seamless switcher with more digital inputs at an affordable price. Thanks to its straightforward setup and operation the PDS is a perfect fit for live events, boardrooms, hotel ballrooms, houses of worship, education and training facilities and fixed installations.

The PDS-902 3G model features four DVI-I inputs with full HDCP 1.0 support, one 3G/HD/SD SDI and four universal analog inputs. All analog and DVI inputs support the EDID 1.3 specification. Users can capture and store up to three images that can be used as a LOGO source during the presentation. Built-in test patterns are also provided.

The PDS-902 3G offers simultaneous program output via the DVI and analog connectors. It also include an SDI output supporting SD/HD/3G rates and BarcoLink for easy connection to your Barco projectors. In addition, the switcher offers a preview output that can be set at different resolution than the program output. Users have the option of displaying one of three signals on the preview output: program, preview or test pattern.



Fast source acquisition
Fast and seamless switching
Auxiliary control from Encore and ScreenPRO-II controllers
Up to three LOGO stores/recall capability
Low video delay
Software download via USB

All resolutions from NTSC/PAL up to WUXGA including all HD resolutions
EDID support for analog and DVI sources
DVI, analog, SDI 3G/HD/SD and BarcoLink
HDCP 1.0 support for all DVI sources
Preview and program outputs

All progressive resolutions from 480p up to WUXGA/HD
DVI, analog, SDI 3G/HD/SD and BarcoLink
Full screen outputs and PIPs
Dual PIP mode
9×2 Matrix mode
Zoom and Stretch fit modes
Supports HDCP compliant displays
Built-in test patterns
Independent resolutions for program and preview outputs

Auto ranging power supply
Slim 1 RU height
Width: 19” rack


Live effects canvas – 2x HD outputs

Video inputs

9 fixed inputs
4 x Analog Via HD-15 (VGA connector)
4 x DVI-I input (supports both analog and DVI)
1 x 3G SDI input

Video outputs

2x DVI (Preview and Program),
2x HD-15 (VGA) (Preview and Program),
1x 3G SDI (Program only)

Genlock- N/A
Program output – 1 Program output via HD-15, DVI or 3G-SDI 1 Preview/Matrix output
Scaled Aux outputs – N/A
Mixers – 1 mixer or 2 pips
Still stores – 3
Layer effects
Full screen Mixing transitions with preview PIP mode, Matrix output mode
Multiviewer – Single Preview output showing next source. Preview output becomes program output in Matrix mode.
Expandability – N/A
HDCP – HDCP compliant
Control – Ethernet RJ­45, 10/100 Mbps autosense computer, tablet, smartphone via web browser
Control functions include – source input configuration, output format selection, test pattern selection, transition effect selection and control
Serviceability – Field-replacable DVI connectors

Height – 4.4 cm (1.75 in) – 1 RU rackmount
Width – 48.26 cm (19 in)
Depth – 36.2 cm (14.25 in)
Weight – 5.67 kg / 12.5 lbs
Power – Input power: 100-240 VAC 50/60Hz 2a max
Environmental temperature – 0-40° C / 32-104 F
Environmental humidity – 0-95% non-condensing
Warranty – 3 years parts and labor

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