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RCF NX L24-A Active Two Way Array

The NXL 24-A is an active column speaker array system with four 6” high power woofers and a 2.5” voice coil compression driver loaded on a 100° x 30° constant directivity waveguide. The amplifier delivers 1,400 Watts and is controlled by a DSP handling crossover, equalization, phase alignment, soft limiting, and speaker protections. Equalization can be applied to a single unit or a pair of speakers.

– 1,400 Watt Class D bi-amplification
– 131 dB SPL Max
– 65 Hz – 20 kHz frequency response
– 4 x 6" Woofers
– 2.5" voice coil RCF Precision C. Driver on a waveguide
– 100° x 30° slightly tilted pattern control
– DSP controlled input section with single or dual EQ preset
– East-to-fly and install with built-in rigging points and pole mount socket

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27.0 kg



1x Subwoofer Pole
1x 13a Plug to Powercon (3m)
1x XLR Male to XLR Female 3 PIN (3m)
1x PowerCon Link Cable (3m)


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