How To Throw The Best Coachella Themed Party

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Coachella is a world-famous music and arts festival held annually in California. It has become a cultural phenomenon, attracting music lovers, celebrities, and fashion enthusiasts from around the globe. Known for bohemian style, diverse music lineup, and vibrant atmosphere, Coachella has inspired countless people to bring music festivals closer to home by hosting Coachella themed parties. If you're planning to throw an unforgettable Coachella inspired festival party, we've got you covered with a few ideas on how to throw a Coachella themed party this summer.

Setting the Scene: Decorations & Ambiance .

The key to a successful Coachella themed party lies in creating a captivating and immersive atmosphere, whether at a venue or your own back garden. Throw a Coachella party filled with colourful festival flags, bohemian tapestries and vibrant fairy lights that evoke the magic of the festival grounds.

Consider setting up a creative photo booth area in your outdoor space with fun props and decorations to ensure your guests capture those Instagram-worthy moments. This will not only enhance the overall feel of your music festival party, but assist with making memories, and keeping them! For a stunning photo booth experience, you can rely on Veo Events selection of photo booths available to hire.


Dress Code: Embrace the Bohemian Vibe .

Encourage your guests to fully embrace the festival spirit by dressing up in Coachella-inspired attire. Think bohemian chic outfits, flower crowns, dream catcher earrings and funky accessories. Create a costume corner with flower crowns and other festival-themed accessories, allowing guests to enhance their looks and get into the boho dress code.

Why not take the look further, and ask guests to dress as previous Coachella performers? Celebrities and musicians are known to wear some outrageously cool outfits, why not replicate them at your own Coachella! Disco cowboy hats, funky flares and outrageous glasses have all been known to make an appearance at Coachella!

Crafting the Perfect Playlist .


As with any festival, music is at the heart of Coachella! Curating an epic playlist is essential for an authentic experience in your own backyard. Include popular tracks from past Coachella performers as well as indie and alternative hits to cater to various musical tastes.

Make sure to have a good sound system in place to get the party started, or book live music acts for a real show. A DJ could be a great addition to your festival themed party, mixing an array of Coachella themed tracks. Or, why not opt for a saxophonist for a fun and modern twist. Veo Events have an array of audio packages for a high-quality sound system, ensuring your playlist, band or musician sounds incredible.

Food & Drinks: Festival-Inspired Delights .

Food also plays a significant role at festivals, and your Coachella themed party should be no exception. Flavour-filled tacos, gourmet sliders, and refreshing iced treats are all a real crowd pleaser. Setting up food stations or hiring food trucks can add a fun and interactive element to your own party.

Don't forget to offer summer cocktails, local beers and non-alcoholic beverages that align with the festival theme too. Having a fully-stocked festival themed bar is the perfect way to keep your guests hydrated throughout your party. Your friends will love cocktails themed around Coachella, or why not name your cocktails after things that are personal to you!

Activities & Entertainment .

Keep the excitement alive by incorporating party ideas and entertainment that mirror the festival's spirit. Arrange a DIY flower crown station where guests can create their own bohemian accessories. A temporary tattoo booth with festival-inspired designs will also be a hit.

For outdoor parties, lawn games and interactive activities like hula-hooping, glow sticks and face painting will keep guests entertained throughout the day. Veo Events can assist you in organising engaging entertainment.


Lighting & Effects .


To create an enchanting Coachella vibe, lighting and effects are crucial. Fairy lights, paper lanterns, festoon lighting, and up-lights will bring a magical touch to your party space. Use colour washes to bring key areas to life, such as trees along your driveway for example. Another way to add drama to your entrance is the use of gas flambeaux, perfect for framing the entrance.

Consider using haze or dry ice for a dramatic and immersive experience, especially during the evening. Another idea for bringing something a little different to your festival would be the use of sparks! Cold sparks highlight a point within your entertainment, such as the start of a DJ set. This adds real wow factor. These party ideas will elevate the party atmosphere and add to the festival magic, creating a focal point.

Festival-Inspired Photobooth .

Encourage your guests to capture their unforgettable Coachella themed party moments by setting up a vibrant and colourful photobooth station. Provide them with fun props and accessories that reflect the festival atmosphere alongside a backdrop that oozes the festival feel! Ribbons make the perfect backdrop for a colourful festival. Don't forget to assign a designated hashtag for sharing photos on social media, making it easy to relive the memories.

Veo Events retro selfie pod is the perfect photo booth for a Coachella music festival party; with a subtle wooden body and ring flash to suit any venue. You can send the photos direct from the photobooth to your phone, making a quick and easy way to share photos with your guests. It also prints one or two copies of each photo; why not put together a beautiful photo book to remember your event?

Invitations & RSVPs .

Set the tone for your Coachella themed party right from the start with invitations that reflect the festival's bohemian charm. Include relevant details like the dress code, date, time, and location. Encourage guests to RSVP in advance so you can plan accordingly and send timely reminders and updates as the party approaches. Ensure your invitations are in-keeping with your festival style, with bold colours for maximum impact. Why not include interactive elements in your festival invitations? Wrist bands are a fun idea to generate excitement, allowing admission into your back garden party!

Weather & Contingency Plans .

As with any outdoor party, it's essential to be prepared for all weather conditions. If your party is outdoors, consider having a marquee for cover. Communicate any changes or updates to your guests promptly so they can also be prepared for the day.

Conclusion .

By incorporating these key elements into your own music festival you can create an unforgettable Coachella party experience for your guests. Embrace the bohemian spirit, curate an eclectic playlist, set up a vibrant photo booth, and ensure a magical ambiance with stunning lighting. Remember, the most crucial aspect is to have fun and immerse yourself in the festival feel. So, get ready to dance, celebrate, and enjoy the ultimate Coachella-inspired extravaganza!

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