Monaco F1 Grand Prix 2018

Virtual Events


A popular and regular occurrence in the Virtual Events diary for the past 6 years is the exclusive F1 Grand Prix weekend in Monaco.

Virtual manages and provides specialist event production for a number of exclusive Superyacht and Terrace parties across the May bank holiday weekend.

The preparation required to produce the end result involves a lot of advanced planning - such as liaising with both the Yacht Crew, the different Live Performers and Security Staff in the months leading up to the event. This particular event requires careful planning where all elements are limited including access, set up and de-rig. A variety of premium production equipment was used including; Evox J8’s Speakers, Elation Platinum HFX’s, 5R Beam extremes, Fuze wash Z350’s, Wireless chrome Smartbatplus Prolights and Midas M32’s sound desks.


Each year we aim to change the set up to provide a whole new experience. The advanced preparation we do results in a smooth set up on arrival for our team. Time can be tight, so we prepare a lot of the rig back in the UK. This is invaluable if any delays occur, which are out of our control.

Our main focus is the VIP band. Guests pay a lot of money to enjoy this entertainment in such an exclusive setting. However, there are additional live performances for a variety of talent, which we have to not only transition in seamlessly, but make our set up visually appealing and comply with all health and safety standards.

For the main live band performances guests on both boats enjoy a personal touch with the band actually relocating from one boat to the other. Therefore, where possible equipment is wireless or positioned in a way to minimise the use of floor space on the tiered decks.

This year our main Yacht party consisted of two superyachts side by side hugging the track. We find the best way to operate the two boats together, whilst maximising floor space, was to work with one DJ set up, linking light and sound to both boats. This resulted in a fantastic visual effect for guests, as well as passers-by.


Here at Virtual we like to go the extra mile and really impress our clients. During the Monaco F1 event we are competing with the likes of Tag Heuer and Red Bull Racing. Therefore, we are able to push the boundaries. For the Yachts we use powerful light beams to illuminate the sky at night, that can be seen for miles ,along with a designated lighting engineer working constantly to create a unique and impressive show, further aiding the atmosphere of the party.

Wireless up lighting is used on-board to remove unsightly cables and to allow them to be placed effectively, despite the limitation’s and restrictions that the yachts understandably have on board.

Our Lighting Production Kit List:

  • 4 x Elation Platinum HFX’s – a Hybrid versatile 3-in-1 luminaire used for sky scanning effects on top of the boat in the harbour.
  • 10 x Elation Platinum Beam 5R Extremes – a 3º sharp spot beam used for projecting patterns on the race track and creating fast moving effects for a premium feel.
  • 4 x Elation Fuze Wash Z350’s – a 46º full colour wash for washing the top deck in various colours choreographed with the music for a club effect.
  • 24 x Wireless ProLights Smartbatplus Chrome – Provide co-ordinated up lighting across both boats and each deck level, controlled by the onsite lighting technician.


We provided a premium audio system, which accommodated both superyachts, as well as looking visually appealing. An event of this calibre demands a truly premium feel with superb lighting, visuals and event management.

Our premium DJ’s are handpicked to suit the feel of this event. We provided background music, additional music for live performances, as well as a late-night club feel, adapting our sets for our VIP client’s requests, as and when needed.

Our Audio Production Kit List:


  • 4 x RCF Evox J8 – a line source speaker module used for the sound system on top deck amplifying the DJ and Band.
  • 4 x RCF Evox J8 White - a line source speaker module used for the sound system on top deck amplifying the DJ and our VIP Eddie Jordan’s Live Band.
  • 4 x RCF TT25-SMA – a coaxial stage monitor used for Eddie Jordan’s Band.
  • 2 x Midas Mixing Consoles – Controlled by one of our in-house sound engineers.
  • Avolite Arena and Quartz Lighting Consoles – Controlled by one of our in-house lighting technicians.


  • 4x RCF NX L24-A Speakers – An active column speaker. Slim and compact - perfect for the balcony guests.



  • 13 Parties across 3 Yachts and 2 Terraces


  • 42 x Lighting Fixtures
  • 12 x Loud Speakers
  • 4 x Control Desks
  • 985M worth of Power Cable
  • 520M worth of Audio Cable


  • 250 Guests
  • 2 VIP Monaco Royal Guests
  • 2 VIP F1 Guests

Live Performances

  • 6 x Live Performances


  • 1 x Production Manager
  • 2 x Professional DJs
  • 1 x Lighting Designer and Operator
  • 1 x Sound Engineer
  • 2 x Crew Personnel


  • 2 x 3.5T Trucks travelling a total of 2,132 Miles each


“We really enjoy working with the Virtual Team! You are both professional and extremely accommodating to our needs, which is absolutely vital when working with such a premium but restricting event. I wanted to personally thank you – we are already discussing ideas for next year!
We know how much work you put in prior to the event and how you give these events your all - calmly and understatedly making everything happen as it should. It doesn’t go unnoticed.”
Director - Red Eye Events Planning UK

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